Happy Holidays – Give the Gift of Crypto


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Introducing the Future of Cryptocurrency!

The Sanctuary Gift Card is now an easy way to have cryptocurrency physically in your hand. These cards work together with the Sanctuary App to provide a real and materialistic object making it easy to share cryptocurrency.

You now have a gift card/cold wallet loaded with the cryptocurrency of your choice which is ready for gifting or to be used as a storage of your digital assets, which in theory cannot be hacked. Sanctuary DEX Gift Card’s private key is one of the safest ways ever devised to store wealth, as long as it remains under your control.

Remember the Sanctuary DEX Gift Card contains the encrypted public and private keys which allow the holder to access the cryptocurrency stored on the blockchain, an immutable encrypted ledger distributed across thousands of computers located around the world which have independently verified the transaction which stored your cryptocurrency on the blockchain represented by your Gift Card.

These gift cards do not come with cryptocurrency loaded on them. Follow our easy steps to add the cryptocurrency of your choice on to them.

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