How do Sanctuary Gift Cards Work?

How does it work?

These cards have a public and private key printed on the back. Once you have a Sanctuary Gift Card it is time to add cryptocurrency to the card. You would then use the Sanctuary App to scan the public key and add the type and amount of cryptocurrency you would like. Once you have loaded the Sanctuary Gift Card you can share it with whomever you would like.

The private key has a film over it that you can scratch off. Then you can use your Sanctuary App to scan that private key QR code and load the amount of cryptocurrency that is on that card into your wallet in the Sanctuary App. This is done by clicking on card services on the main menu and then clicking on deposit to wallet. Doing this will move the ownership of the cryptocurrency from the public key (or wallet address) on the card to the public key or wallet address of the wallet in the app.

How to Load Cryptocurrency onto the Sanctuary DEX Gift Cards


Scan the Public Key

The Public Key is the QR code on the back of each card. Open your Sanctuary App, press “scan”, and scan the QR code.


Load the Amount

After scanning the Public Key a screen with a number keypad will pop up. Use the keypad to enter the amount of Crypto you want on the card. 


Pay with Fiat Currency

The Sanctuary DEX app will tell you how much fiat currency you/the customer will have to pay. Just select how you want to pay and hit submit. 



The Sanctuary DEX App will do the rest for you once you complete step 3. Now you have a physical card with crypto on it!

Introducing The Cryptocurrency Gift Card from Sanctuary DEX

How to Transfer Cryptocurrency from the Sanctuary DEX Gift Card to the Sanctuary App Wallet


Scratch Off Film

On the back of each Sanctuary DEX card is a small piece of scratch-off film like on a lottery scratch-off. Take a coin and scratch this film off. 


Scan the Private Key

Once the film is gone you will see another QR code that was hidden underneath it. Open your Sanctuary DEX App, press scan, and scan this QR Code. 



Once you scan the secure QR code, a green screen will pop up with the amount and type of cryptocurrency that was on the card. You can either direct it straight to a pre-existing wallet or create a new one by selecting the “clone card” option.

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